<aside> 🔮 What is Bind? Bind connects your product to your community. Activate your Discord members with statuses based on their product context and drive leads back to your app to increase conversion.


Getting Started

<aside> 🆕 If you’re new to Bind, get started here:

Getting Started on Bind


What’s New?

<aside> ⚒️ We’re always building new features to bring more to Bind. You can keep on top of new features, fixes and other product updates on our Changelog.

🕘 Bind Changelog


Getting Help

<aside> ❓ If you have any issues or questions getting setup, click Need Help at the top.

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Data Integrations

<aside> <img src="/icons/table_green.svg" alt="/icons/table_green.svg" width="40px" /> If you are using a CSV file for your customer data, read here:

CSV Integration


<aside> <img src="/icons/credit-card_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/credit-card_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> If you are using Stripe for your customer data, read here:

Stripe integration


<aside> 🛍️ If you are using Shopify for your customer data, read here:

Shopify integration


<aside> 📖 If you are using Substack, read here: Bind and Substack


<aside> 🔗 If you want to use the Zoho integrations ****for your customer data, read here: ‣


<aside> <img src="/icons/database_blue.svg" alt="/icons/database_blue.svg" width="40px" /> If you are using a database for your customer data, Redash is embedded within Bind enabling you to query users for a Role from your database and analytics warehouse. This enables filtering users based on custom data from your product.

Redash Docs Redash Integrations


<aside> 🌐 If you would like to communicate directly with Bind, we have an API for updating user data.

Bind API Reference


External ID authentication

<aside> 🧑‍💻 If you want to configure external authentication with Bind, read here: External auth integration guide


Redirecting After Verification

<aside> ➡️ If you want to redirect users after they verify with Bind, take a look here:

Redirect After Verification


More resources

Instant Verify

Terms of Services